General Recommendations

             It is strongly recommended by prophet Muhammad to observe these practices especially during Ramadan:

1.         To have a light meal before the break of the dawn, known as Suhoor;

2.         To eat three dates and have a drink of water right after sunset, saying this prayer: Al-lahumma laka sumna wa ‘ala rizqika aftarna (O God! For Your sake we have fasted and now we break the fast with the food You have given us).

3.         To make your meals as light as possible because, as the prophet put it, the worst thing man can fill is his stomach,

4.         To observe the supererogatory prayer known as Taraweeh;

5.         To exchange social visits and intensify humanitarian services;

6.         To increase study and recitation of the Qur’an;

7.         To exert the utmost in patience and humbleness;

8.         To be extraordinarily cautious in using the senses, the mind and especially, the tongue; to abstain from careless and gossipy chats and avoid all suspicious motions.


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