The Noon Prayer (Salatu-z-Zuhr)

             This consists of four units as Sunnah, followed by four units as Fard, and then two others as Sunnah. The performance of the Fard of this prayer is as follows:

(a).         The first two units are performed in the same way as in the morning prayer. The Fatihah and a portion of the Qur’an are recited in a low voice. Bowing and prostration postures are observed in the same way.

(b).         When reciting the Tashahhud after the second unit, the worshipper stops at the end of first part of it to resume the posture of standing.

(c).         Then he recites the Fatihah only in the third unit without any added portion of the Qur’an.

(d).         When he concludes the third unit, he stands for the fourth and recites the Fatihah only as in the third.

(e).         After bowing and prostration he takes the sitting posture of Julus and recites the whole Tashahhad with its two parts.

(f).         Then he utters the peace greetings right and left.

(g).         Offering the two Sunnah units is like the morning prayer but in a low voice.


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