The Partial Ablution (Wudu’)

             Before offering the prayer one must be in good shape and pure condition. It is necessary to wash the parts of the body which are generally exposed to dirt or dust or smog. This performance is called Ablution (Wudu’) and is preferably carried out as follows:

1.         Make the intention by heart.

2.         Wash the hands up to the wrists, three times.

3.         Rinse out the mouth with water, three times, preferably with a brush whenever it is possible.

4.         Cleanse the nostrils of nose by sniffing water into them, three times.

5.         Wash the whole face three times with both hands, if possible, from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin and from ear to ear.

6.         Wash the right arm three times up to the far end of the elbow, and then do the same with the left arm.

7.         Wipe the whole head or any part of it with a wet hand, once.

8.         Wipe the inner sides of the ears with the forefingers and their outer sides with the thumbs. This should be done with wet fingers.

9.         Wash the two feet up to the ankles, three times, beginning with the right foot.

            At this stage the ablution is completed, and the person who has performed it is ready to start his prayer. When the ablution is valid a person may keep it as long as he can, and may use it for as many prayers as he wishes. But it is preferable to renew it as often as possible. It is also preferable to do it in the said order, although it will be accepted from those who fail to keep this order. Ablution in the said way is sufficient for prayer unless it is nullified by any reason.


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