The Complete Ablution (Ghusl/Bath)

             The whole body with the nostrils, mouth and head must be washed by a complete bath before entering prayer in any of the following cases:

1.         After intimate intercourse;

2.         After wet dreams;

3.         Upon expiration of the menstruation period of women;

4.         At the end of the confinement period of nursing women, which is estimated at a maximum of forty days. If it ends before, complete ablution should be done.

             It should be pointed out that at the start of the bath or ablution the intention must be clear that it is for the purpose of purity and worship. Also, a person who is performing an ablution, partial or complete, should combine his performance with some utterances glorifying God and praying him for true guidance.
             The forms of such utterances are described in detail in the elaborate sources of the religion. One, however, can say one’s own best utterances if one does not know the exact wording. That is sufficient as long as it is in the praise of God and is said with sincerity.


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