The Spiritual Life

             Islam organizes the spiritual or moral life of man in such a way as to provide him with all the spiritual nourishment needed for piety and righteousness, for safety and peace. The Islamic prescription for the spiritual life of man grants, when faithfully applied, maximum positive results as far as manís spiritual growth and maturity are concerned. The main items in this Islamic prescription are:

1.         Prayers (Salah);

2.         Zakah or Alms Ė giving;

3.         Fasting (Sawm);

4.         Pilgrimage (Hajj);

5.         Love for God and His Messenger, love for truth and humanity for the sake of God;

6.         Hope and trust in God at all times; and

7.         Sacrifice for the sake of God by virtue of actual unselfishness.

            Various aspects of these items have already been discussed in some detail, and here we have only to add that without these fundamental elements there can be no true Faith as far as Islam is concerned. The reader is advised to refer to the previous sections of this work.


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