This chapter is designed to deal with certain aspects of Islam which have been forgotten by some Muslims and distorted by practically all others. An effort will be made here to present these aspects in their true light and clear picture. In so doing, there is no attempt to be apologetic, for Islam needs no apology. Nor is there any intention to appease, condemn, or flatter anybody, because Islam does not tolerate such things but commands a straightforward course of thought as well as deed. The purpose, therefore, is to find out the truth about these aspects, present it afresh to the non-Muslin mind, and let everybody see and decide for himself, like intelligent, responsible rational beings,

             Muslims living in the Western World or familiar with the Western literature are often confronted with surprising inquiries and shocking remarks made by some Westerners. Questions of the “Holy War”, the “Anti-Jesus Islam”, “Polygamy”, “Divorce”, ”Status of Women in Islam”, and so on, are the most frequent ones. And it is in the service of truth, and for the sake of the honest people among those innocent and misinformed inquirers, that the attempt is made to examine these questions briefly.


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