The Author

             Dr. Hammudah Abdalati graduated from al-Azhar Universiy of Egypt. He received an M.A. in Islamic Studies from McGill University and a Ph. D. in Sociology from Princeton University. In 1958 he joined the Department of Islamic Culture at al-Azhar. He was appointed in 1960 the first full-time director of the Canadian Islamic Center of Edmonton, Aberta. From 1967 till he passed away in September 1976, Dr. Abdalati was Associate Professor of Sociology at Utica College of Syracuse University.

             Dr. Abdalati was well known to the Muslim communities of North America as well as other intercultural groups and audiences. For years he lectured on Islam, attended Islamic conventions, wrote articles in Arabic and English, and responded to inquiries. He was a source scholar to whom many students of Islam and Islamic culture turned for help.

             Besides ISLAM IN FOCUS, Dr. Abdalati is the author of a major work on THE FAMILY STRUCTURE IN ISLAM: Explorations in Historicultural Sociology, published by American Trust Publication.


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