World Assembly Of Muslim Youth (WAMY)

WAMY is a charitable organization established in 1972 (1392 H), in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).
WAMY is in the service of Muslim youths.
WAMY is member of the UN NGO’s.
WAMY is the first International Islamic Organization dealing especially with youth affairs embracing over 450 Islamic youth students organizations in the five continents.

Our Aims & Objectives:

1.         To serve the true Islamic ideology based on Tawheed, the Unity of God.

2.         To consolidate the factors which are necessary to establish an ideological unity among Muslims and to strengthen the Islamic fraternal relationship among the Muslim youths.

3.         To introduce Islam to the world using all appropriate and available means:
 - By sharing the true meanings and teachings of Islam.
 - By rebuilding faith and clearing misconceptions.
 - By providing Qur’ans, Islamic books and support to present and to explain the truth of Islam and to expose the falsehoods.

4.          To support the constructive role of youths and students in developing an Islamic society.

5.          To assist Islamic youth organizations all over the globe by coordinating their activities and helping them to implement their projects.

Our Means :

1.         Holding international, regional and local Muslim youth and students camps.

2.         Organizing Conference, meetings and research circles.

3.         Producing books by capable writers or by research teams on different Islamic issues of importance to the Ummah and the Muslim youth.

4.         Distributing Qur’ans, Islamic books, magazines and pamphlets to Members of WAMY, Organizations, Colleges, Universities, schools, libraries and to individuals.

5.         Inviting intentionally reputed personalities to visit Muslim countries and to attend conferences of Islamic organizations and institutions and deliver lectures and read research papers on subject important to Muslims and Islamic thought.

6.         Bringing out a periodical to express WAMY’s thinking and acquaint the Muslim world with the activities of it members and to keep track of its development and affairs.

7.         Publishing Islamic literature in various languages according to the needs of the Islamic work.

8.         Preparing programs of exchange of visits by Muslim youths in the world.

9.         Seeking help of member Islamic associations and organizations and Islamic personalities cooperating with WAMY to realize WAMY’s aims and objectives.

10.         Lending material and moral support to Islamic youth organizations to raise the standards of their programs and offer them assistance in holding conferences, seminars and camps and coordinating their activities at local, regional and international level.


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